Men Relationship Problems – Relationship Advice For Men

Even if you’re a ladies’ man with a long track record of dating, when push comes to shove in a serious relationship you may need some advice. Dating is a lot different than living with your woman while building a long-term relationship.

So, what kind of relationship advice do you need to know about to succeed?

Men relationship problems don’t vary too much and there are a few key pieces of vital relationship advice for men that most guys have heard, but not all have taken to heart. To help keep your relationship moving forward in a happy, healthy and fulfilling direction for both you and your partner, it is important to keep in mind these things:

* Your partner is not one of ‘the guys’ – While you may consider this bit of relationship advice for men when you’re behind shut doors with the lights down low, it’s important to take note of in the light of day, too. Whereas you and the guys might hang out for hours on end and barely say a word to each other, women like to be acknowledged. They like to talk and they like to be noticed when they’re in a room. Don’t treat your lady like ‘one of the guys’ or your may live to regret it.

* Your girlfriend may see intimacy differently than you do – It is not rare for men to view intimacy as sex only. Ladies don’t always have the same views. To them, intimacy between a couple may also include holding hands, snuggling on the couch, stolen hugs or kisses in the hallway before work, or even brief brushes as you pass by each other on your way out the door. This important piece of relationship for advice for men can help you maintain a strong tie with your partner even when the desire for sex may be lacking for a time.

* Your girlfriend may communicate oppositely – The nuances between the way men and women tend to communicate are so different that entire series have been written on the subject. To get the most out of this relationship advice, take note of those differences and learn how to bridge the gap. Since communication is vital to the long-term endurance of your relationship, you’ll want to learn how to get her to share her feelings, help work out your problems and more. Also develop your own communication skills, so that your points come across as important.

* Your girlfriend may appreciate words as well as actions – Relationship advice for men doesn’t always cover this point, but it should. Whereas men may be more action-driven, women tend to value words as well. To keep your relationship healthy or even to begin to repair any damage that may be present, you will want to use both measures. For example, tell her you love her often. Also, take steps to show her you love her by being considerate of her feelings, assisting with work around the household, making romantic gestures, and so on.

Understanding and studying the differences between men and women is vital to having a healthy long term relationship. When you want to make a real impact on the significant other in your life, your strive to understand her, support her and care for her can help your relationship go the distance. Even simple gestures backed up by the right words and seriousness will help you avoid common relationship issues and can help you two bridge the gaps that have been formed.

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Women Relationship Problems – Vital Relationship Advice For Women

While some people are loath to admit it, the differences between men and women go well beyond the physical. From how the two sexes view the world right down to their communication styles, the gaps that must be bridged are often wider than most couples realize.

Many women relationship problems are caused by these different views and that’s why relationship advice for women is so important. If you are looking for ways to better understand the man in your life and improve your interactions, following the right relationship advice for women can prove essential.

So, what do you need to know about the guy in your life to help increase the chance of success in your relationship? Whether your status as a couple is as solid as a rock or you’re concerned about the future, this relationship advice for women is well worth reviewing:

* Men communicate differently – This is perhaps the most important women relationship problems that you need to know to better understand your man. Whereas women may like to discuss issues at length without trying to seek a solution, men tend to want to see results. If you have a problem with the man in your life, make sure to have a potential solution that is positive to bring up in the conversation. If you just want to “talk” about an issue that’s bothering you, be prepared for him to try and “fix it” if no solution is forthcoming from you.

* Men are action-oriented – While you might enjoy hearing that he loves you each and every day, men tend to respond better to actions. This relationship advice for women can help you better connect with the man in your life. To make sure he knows he’s valued and loved, show him. You can achieve this by doing things that show you care for him and value him as your partner.

* Men are often hesitant to share their feelings – This relationship advice for women can help head off a lot of disagreements. Although you may have a deep-seated need to share how you feel about a variety of topics, your man may not. He may prefer to show you he loves you rather than tell you, for example. He may hold emotions close to his chest and require patience and understanding before he brings them out in the open. Don’t see this as a flaw in him, necessarily. Men are often raised to keep emotions and feelings in check.

* To-do lists can get you farther than nagging – This relationship advice for women has been hard-learned by many. The man in your life may not necessarily be trying to drive you crazy by not taking out the trash, doing the dishes or picking up wet towels. His mind may simply be preoccupied at the time you ask. Many men, however, tend to respond very well to lists and often appreciate the reminder of what needs to be accomplished to keep a household running smoothly and in harmony. Take the time to acquiesce by writing a list and you may find serious bones of contention disappear.

The best relationship advice for women simply involves learning to recognize and understand the differences between the sexes, especially in regard to communication. When this is achieved, most women relationship problems even rocky relationships fraught with discord can often be salvaged and put on stronger ground.

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Relationship Problems Today

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Save Your Relationship Today

We live in what has been termed a “mobile society.” This could have something to do with vehicular mobility, the fact that we move around a lot. Or maybe it’s because our society is in transition.

Whatever the reason, our “mobility” is often the source of a lot of problems in our personal interactions. In these times, you can be hard pressed to find ways to save your relationship.

If you are finding that your intimate relationships are in trouble, you are certainly not alone. In order to save your relationship with your sweetheart, you have to go back to the beginning and work forward from there.

There must have been something that attracted you to your partner in the first place. Revisit those early days of your relationship and revel in the passion and intensity that accompanied those first moments.

Now think a bit more about those early times. Did you both work at establishing a foundation on which to build or were you “just playing it by ear”? Those initial days, weeks, and even months of passion do fade.

Your relationship will continue long-term only if you cultivate mutual interests, respect for each other and good communication about everything a couple needs to discuss.

Some relationships only continue because you are both used to it and no alternatives have offered themselves. It’s kind of sad, isn’t it?

Take heart, though – no relationship is over until it’s over (thank you, Yogi Berra). If you are still together, you may save your relationship with a few simple steps.

An analysis of long-term, fruitful relationships finds that there is some commonality in them all. The couples grew beyond the initial attraction and process of falling in love. They grew to really love each other, with all the warts and bumps and scars we each carry.

NOTE: Being in love is different that falling in love. When you fall in love, it is a purely emotional, physical response to the attraction you feel for the other person. Being in love is a conscious act of affection brought on by familiarity, appreciation, respect and good communication with your partner.

You have to maintain a positive attitude about your mate. You must overlook the warts and scars and see the inner person. View them in a positive light and talk about them in a positive manner. Like courtesy, it is contagious.

Make up a list about your partner with two columns, one for the positive things about them and one for the negative. Encourage your partner to do the same about you. Then compare your lists.

Make a commitment to each other to change as many of the negatives on each list as you can. Make another commitment to communicate well, as this is the basis for any sound alliance.

Commit further to expanding upon your mutual interests and activities. What is it that both of you enjoy? Take up a hobby together, go to the health and fitness club together, go to church or a social setting together and share your friends and families.

Your relationship should be a joy for both of you. Remember that “the quality of a relationship is measured by how well it meets the needs of all those involved.”

Do these things and you will be the couple that all others look to for encouragement that good relationships are lasting, fulfilling and a joy to behold.

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