How To Get Your Boyfriend Back

Breakups are hard. They’re even harder if you don’t feel the split was a good idea. If you’re ready to give it another go and want to know how to get your boyfriend back, there are things you can do.

Keep in mind that not every relationship is reparable and that sometimes staying apart is much better for both parties. If your relationship was truly unhealthy, or if it involved violence or serious betrayal at the end, you may want to closely examine the idea of trying to get your boyfriend back.

If you have examined your relationship and feel it’s truly worth salvaging and making better, there are several tips you may want to try to get your boyfriend back.

Tip 1 – Explore the reasons for the breakup. If you want to get your boyfriend back, there will generally be issues with the relationship that will need to be resolved. Examine where things went wrong and what can be done to overcome the problem or problems. Remember that relationships are two-way streets and so are breakups. Chances are, the “fault” lies with both parties.

Tip 2 – Give him some space. If you really want to get your boyfriend back after a split, state your desire and then give him some space. Don’t hound him, send notes, pester or otherwise harass him. State your case, and be clear about why you think things went wrong and what your ideas are of how to right those wrongs. He’ll either come around or he won’t.

Tip 3 – Take care of yourself. Breakups can take their toll on more than your emotions. Now is not the time to let yourself or your health go. If you really want to get your boyfriend back, try to be kind to yourself by eating right, staying in shape and trying to focus on being kind to yourself. Your boyfriend is likely to find you more attractive if you put forth the effort to take care of yourself.

Tip 4 – Stay positive. Use the law of attraction to your advantage and try to maintain a positive attitude. Even if your boyfriend hasn’t contacted you back about your request to work things out, proceed with the belief that the situation will resolve itself in your favor. Even if you don’t get “him” back, your positive attitude could bring other good things (and people) into your life.

Tip 5 – Develop your own interests. While you two are working things out or as you wait for his response, don’t sit around pining for the phone to ring. Get out and explore your own interests. Stand on your own as a person. Have fun and truly enjoy yourself. Doing so can help boost your self-esteem, which will make you a happier person. Happy, positive people tend to attract positive attention from others.

Tip 6 – Remain open-minded. If you have stated your desire to get back together and he’s agreeable to talking, use good communication skills to try and bridge the gaps between you. Talk out your problems without letting anger get in the way. Listen to what he has to say and share your feelings and observations, too.

If you want to get your boyfriend back, be honest, open and positive. Even if it doesn’t work out quite the way you wanted it to, you may find yourself happier for making the effort.

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