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Lee Baucom, PhD., is a highly regarded marriage counselor with more than twenty years of experience saving marriages. Dr. Baucom’s untraditional approach has saved thousands of marriages.

Instead of just dealing with the actions you have to take to save your marriage, Dr. Baucom also deals with the things you must not do if you want your marriage to remain intact.

Baucom claims that his no-nonsense approach has saved thousands of troubled marriages since the inception of his program. Dr. Baucom’s website,, has a number of video clips in which the doctor gives a presentation detailing the content of his program.

The information is helpful, well-organized and presented clearly. Dr. Baucom takes issue with the unprofessional and unqualified marriage counselors who abound on the internet. He states that much of their material is unproven and untested.

Lee H. Baucom, PhD., is a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Dr. Baucom claims a success ratio of 90% as opposed to the industry average of 20%. He gives credit to his unique approach for his success.

Baucom admits that when he first began to practice, he began by applying the archaic principles he had been taught. Distressed because they didn’t work very well, he researched and developed his own unconventional approach and his success rate rose dramatically.

Most psychologists are not specifically trained in marriage therapy. They add this facet to their practices later on and attempt to use general techniques to treat marital problems. This doesn’t work, according to Doctor Baucom, and explains the very low success rate.

Part of Doctor Baucom’s approach is to reveal “Four Myths of a Successful Marriage.”

These myths are:

– Communication is critical – Is this really a myth?

– There is only one path to a successful marriage (he claims there are at least eight)

– You cannot save the marriage if your partner isn’t trying

– Time heals all (wounds)

“More marriages die from neglect than any other cause,” says Doctor Baucom. He says that many times there is surprise when one partner tells the other that they want a divorce. The second partner didn’t even know there was a problem and all of a sudden, divorce looms.

When people surveyed rate their priorities, their marriage is always one of the top three or four items they think of. Yet few people spend any time trying to work on their spousal relationship. This neglect is perceived as indifference and the marriage founders.

In a career issue, faced with the same type of situation, many people just change jobs, rather than try to change the situation to better suit their needs. It is this thinking, coupled with our society’s diminished respect for the importance of matrimony, that triggers divorce.

Doctor Baucom claims that it is critical to know which stage your relationship is in. How and what treatment is applied is determined by the point that has been reached in the breakdown of the relationship.

The doctor doesn’t promise miracles, but his success rate says otherwise. The life stories on his website support the claim that Dr. Baucom is close to being a miracle worker.

Doctor Baucom closes by saying that his program isn’t just about your marriage, it is about creating the relationship of your dreams and a future life together that is fulfilling and happy.

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